Remove double spaces and empty lines online from any text

Double space removal options

This usefull online tool can quickly replace multiple (double) spaces in a string to single space, remove all spaces, empty spaces in the line beginning and line end. Also it can delete empty lines in your text and other tricks.

how does it work?

Just enter the text, and tick the boxes that will somehow clear the text of unnecessary characters - including double spaces

You can also:
  • Replace multiple (double) spaces with single
  • Replace multiple spaces with double
  • Remove all spaces
  • Remove spaces at the beginning of
  • lines Remove spaces at end of lines
  • Remove empty lines
  • Remove line breaks (All lines)
  • Remove line breaks (Except for lines that end with a dot)
  • Put an empty line after each line ending with
  • Replace multiple line breaks with single

service from 2020

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