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Search by Google*: interesting Duckduckgo search - confidential (without ads!) Very nice search engine with good relevance (without ads!) Google (with ads in the output) Search engine with good relevance Yahoo search engine (without ads) France privacy oriented search engine (without ads in the output)
google advanced Google advanced search (with ads in the output) ( Ixquick ) search engine, it was previously known as the metasearch engine Ixquick (with ads in the search results ) goods search engine Alibaba
Wolfram Alpha solves problems online (only in English) search Bing com (with ads)
Dogpile issue collector Dogpile-combines the best responses from different search engines. (lots of ads) Chinese web search engine - website, audio files, and images. Lycos is an old search engine founded in 1995. Only web. (without ads!)

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* Google search engines is used, only English language tested.

* The search is called exact because it looks for the exact occurrence of the phrase, without the options offered in the default search.

Image and photo search engines by photo Yandex photo search, including photo search by photo Google image search advanced search engine Tinay - photo search by photo

my search, my advanced text search, video search, etc. ( quick search, services, incl. amount in words )

This page contains the most popular Internet search engines and links to other services. 2024

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