Jurnal-life. org – browser redirect virus

This is one of the most typical types of malware: a hijacker that messes up with your browser’s settings by configuring its own ones. It means that the system won’t only behave differently (chaotically in our case), it will be vulnerable to many other similar or even worse threats: a special “thank you” to the already mentioned settings alteration that disables some features of the security system.

The first alert to pay attention is getting redirected to a different source than looked for, while the homepage was changed with no notification or permission at least. The time response for web page loading is dropped down. The not really funny part is: this malware will install some other tools that will interfere each time the admin changes the homepage. Otherwise said, it will be restored to the Jurnal-life each time. This trick works well for the authors: no matter what the user wants, he is forced to access the nasty search engine and generate traffic and consequently revenue for the unscrupulous owners; meanwhile, the user himself will be rewarded with troubles only.

Never download a program allowing its default settings to get installed on your computer. Always check if some additional plug-ins are added to the software you need and cancel all of them. Do not close without reading the Terms and Conditions section, and much less, do not sign the User’s Agreement just for the sake of signing and getting rid of it. The best advice to take is the urgent adware removal from your PC: the obnoxious program seems irritating, but its activity outcome can cause irrevocable wrongdoings. Thus, in order to keep your data safe and do not let intruders jeopardize your privacy, to have it breached and exposed, adopt a conscious approach to the internet surfing habits.

author: lucy_2018 (etxt)