Noobransomware computer virus

Noob – a newly discovered cryptovirus provided with encrypting and locking functions. It supposedly belongs to the HiddenTear project family.

Firstly, it was Jaromir Horejsi that raised awareness about this virus. He came across it and spread the word: the malware destroys the files to 0 bytes in case a wrong decrypting code is being input. Thus, a message alert will appear and acknowledge the payment instructions required by the malware developers to supply the access to the blocked documents: once contaminated, the PC will feature two main issues, the screen may get locked, separate files can be encrypted. Actually, gradually each file will be corrupted because Noob tends to lock everything.

After the worst-case scenario happened, your system got in the trap, and you read the Noob pop up/text file you learn the way out (pay for the key) which makes a 3 Bitcoin fee. Now, there are two arguments against fulfilling the hackers’ requirements: 300 dollars it’s quite a lot, whilst the experts’ suggest that paying the criminals guarantees you just nothing and there is no point in relying on their word.

The best thing to do is forgetting the files and learning your lesson: make backups!

The infection is possible due to the opening junk emails, their vicious attachments and for sure, freeware downloading. When installing a program, the chances that it has some attached “benefits” are high.

To prevent the infiltration and to avoid the part when your computer gets plagued, keep your caution on and read each and every app section, message windows and obviously the customizable settings. Additionally, you might find useful the scanning habit: scan every file you install by means of your computer security tools. The last but not the least – do not use the dubious sources; opt for the ones that are licensed, that have positive feedback and good reviews.

author: lucy_2018 (etxt)