Convert text case online - upper or lower case

Additional options for transforming text (remove tabs, line breaks, etc.)

This utility can help you with your queries:
  • uppercase word
  • make text small letters online
  • case converter
  • change case online
  • case converter online
  • make small text online

How does text case conversion work online?

Just enter a line of text into the box at the top left, for example:


Click on the Lowercase button

Get the line at the output:

"once in a cold winter time I came out of the forest"

Similarly, you can convert a string to uppercase online, set the sentence format - i.e. The first word is capitalized, the rest are capitalized.

If for some reason something does not work, try the option below, choosing the required action from the list. Thus, you can easily convert any text to upper or lower case online.

Online text case converter

An easy way to convert text between uppercase, lowercase and sentence format.

This easy-to-use tool converting text strings allows you to convert blocks of text to any case, which can then be exported to a text file or simply copied and pasted back into your own document.

So if you typed text and accidentally left your cap lock included, don't panic! Or, if you want to make sure the document has all the caps it needs, you can convert it in seconds. Or, if you're a marketer and want to capitalize every first letter of every word, one click does the trick for you!

Just copy and paste the text into the text area above and click on the intuitive buttons below to convert them to one of different formats, the text in the buttons will tell you what you get in the output:

  • "Uppercase" , - everything is converted to uppercase case - UPPERCASE
  • "Lower case" which converts all letters to small letters like this - lower case.
  • "Sentence format ". This option converts the first letter of each sentence to uppercase and converts the rest of the text to lowercase. Thus, the first letter after each period is automatically converted to an uppercase letter.

Similarly, you can use other more exotic options for converting text online.

After converting the text to the desired case you can just select it all and press Control-C to copy and then Control-V to paste it back anywhere.

Or alternatively, you can click the Save Result button to a text file and the online case converter tool will automatically save your text and ask you where you want to upload it.

Have fun - and if you like this tool, please recommend it to others, who also find it useful - just click on the button of your social network and share the functionality with your friends!

Attention! This window also allows you to get rid of unnecessary formatting if, for example, you copy from a website to Word (Word), etc. Just copy such text into the window, clean up (if necessary) and copy back - the output is clean text without formatting.

How does it work?

Just enter the text and check the boxes that will allow you to somehow clear the text of unnecessary characters - incl. double spaces

You can:
  • Replace multiple (double) spaces with single spaces
  • Replace all tabs with a space or colon with space
  • Replace multiple spaces with doubles
  • Remove all spaces
  • Remove spaces at the beginning of lines
  • Remove spaces at the end of lines
  • Remove empty lines
  • Remove line breaks (All lines)
  • Remove line breaks (Except for lines ending with a period)
  • Put a blank line after each line with a period
  • Replace multiple line feeds with single ones

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