What to do when you are invited to a wedding?

So, you are invited to a wedding celebration. You need to prepare at least a gift, and possibly a congratulatory speech, and, importantly, to be on top yourself and look accordingly. Let’s take a closer look at the last problem.

Choosing clothes for the wedding day, you should adhere to the basic rules and norms of decency, firstly, without shocking the newlyweds and their guests with a provocative neckline or too frank and provocative cut of the outfit. It is best to opt for a long-proven elegant dress that has helped you out more than once, or an elegant suit. Well-chosen accessories and jewelry will bring the image together, help to update the set, while allowing you to feel at ease and at ease.

It will not look very good if you look more attractive than the bride or groom, so do not try to outdo them. In any case, they will be the center of attention, because this is, first of all, their holiday. However, no one can forbid you to be on the level and look great.

On the day of someone else’s wedding, if you are not the bride and groom, you should not dress in a snow-white outfit, leave this color for the young. It is advisable not to get into color with the groom by coming to the wedding in the same suit. I don’t think that young people will appreciate your humor if only the buttonhole in his buttonhole distinguishes you from the groom.

The mourning black color of the outfit is not very suitable on this day. If you still decide to wear a black dress or suit for the wedding, then dilute the image with other colors by wearing a red tie, or adding a pale pink necklace to the outfit so that guests do not think that you are in mourning for the wedding of the young.

A wedding celebration for some is an occasion to parade in a new dress or demonstrate the latest squeak of costume fashion. Perhaps you would like to wear this original costume for your own celebration, but there is no suitable candidate for the role of the second half yet.

Footwear. It is also better to give preference to shoes that have been tested more than once at such events. Not a high heel of women’s shoes is the best option if you want not only to shine at the wedding, but also to have fun actively, and participate in various sweepstakes and contests (decoration with balloons).

When choosing accessories for a wedding dress or an evening festive option, you should not wear all the best at once. Stop at one, but very spectacular decoration that will be in harmony with the overall outfit.

A man will look good in a festive costume. It’s worth going on about your wife this time and wearing a tie. This is just the occasion when a tie is an indispensable attribute of a man’s suit. Sneakers and jeans, white socks to a dark suit will look very inappropriate at a wedding celebration. Excess in perfumery should also not make young people regret that they do not give out gas masks for individual use at the entrance to the restaurant.

And in general, be cheerful on this day and harmonious, try to be yourself, because that’s how the newlyweds love you, since they invited you to their most important celebration in life at the moment.