Convert list by column into string, separated by comma online

This online service allows you to easily convert columns from words or numbers to strings (comma delimited).

How it works?

1. Conversion Column-row

  • Just enter the words in the column (or copy and paste the desired column), for example:
antique city
autumn, gray sky
stone road, trees
carriage with horses
warriors on horseback
  • Press the button - "Delete Extra Spaces".
  • Click the "Convert" button.

The output should be a converted string.

For the example above:

antique city, autumn, gray sky, stone road, trees, carriage with horses, warriors on horseback

2. Row-Column Conversion

For reverse conversion from row to column.

  • Copy or paste the desired line of words separated by commas.
  • Uncheck "Column - to line (with unchecked - line to column)"
  • Click the "Convert" button
  • Press the button - "Delete Extra Spaces".


insert -

Queen, pawn, queen, chess, player

get -


3. Convert Column-to-row without commas in the final row

To convert arbitrary phrases from a column to a string without commas, use the button - Delete line breaks


paste in the input field -


in the icy winter

season I left

the forest

Press the button Delete lines breaks

get -

Once in the icy winter season I left the forest

(Es) Convierta la lista por columna en cadena, separada por comas en linea

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